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How funny is death? SPOW Conference Part Two

Or is that really the question I want to ask? I am forever niggled by something having to do with writing obituaries and it has, partly, to do with the reactions from womenfolk and menfolk, children folk too (although less … Continue reading

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“Let him rest,” says his widow

When I’m writing an obituary, I live among the family. Not literally, of course, but emotionally. It begins with reading the death notice, usually written by one of the deceased’s children, placed in a newspaper at great cost and twigging … Continue reading

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Vera Barker and President Kennedy

“It’s my Grandma’s birthday! I pledge to drink wine in her honour too.”  That’s an email sent to me by Vera Barker’s granddaughter, Heather Anne, earlier today. “It’s also the day they shot Kennedy but we don’t talk about that … Continue reading

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Introducing Mona Gould

She interviewed Louis Armstrong, Irving Layton, and Eleanor Roosevelt. She held a mic toward the Andrew Sisters in the entrance to Honest Ed’s department store in Toronto. Later, on a visit to England, she discussed sculpture with Henry Moore. Mona … Continue reading

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Stealing memories

Writer’s block at summer’s end. There might be a connection. I want to dive beneath waves not lean across keys. Lick ice cream cones not blog. Read popular trash not research inside intelligent sources. Meanwhile, another deadline looms: Monday 9 … Continue reading

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JFK is a good angle

Seems that some words just know how to trip us up. Camouflage, for instance, leaves me badly bruised. I keep having to pick myself off the ground, breathe deeply, and try to spell it again. But rotten spelling isn’t the only … Continue reading

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Tomato Man Defies the Skies

I’m writing an obituary about an Ottawa man who handed Princess Elizabeth a shovel. Later, when she became Queen, he handed her another one. Sometime between these two visits he grabbed another shovel and this time gave it to President … Continue reading

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