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A toast to James Pon’s grandfather

James Pon’s grandfather filled my mind during this rail trip from Montreal to Toronto last month. It was he, along with hundreds of other Chinese workers, who built this railway–although on the other side of the Rocky mountains. Last month, … Continue reading

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Differences in labour and the need for choice

Sometimes I sleep among the dead. Anxiety stirs me in the night, often after I file an obituary with the Globe & Mail. I can be lost to all worldly cares, softly purring, tucked away all feline-like in bed when … Continue reading

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To Min love Lucy

Postcard to Miss M. Judd, 2 Clifton Road, Folkstone. August 5, 1914:  Dear Min. I am so glad you are having a nice time. Isn’t the war dreadful? My brother and his chum have volunteered for the front, starting this … Continue reading

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Conrad Black and the art of the obituary

I have Conrad Black and Sue Vohanka to thank for my renewed interest in the craft of writing obituaries. Here’s why. With Sue, it’s because last month she handed a copy of Canada From Afar: The Daily Telegraph Book of … Continue reading

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Keeping it classy out west

About last week’s Vancouver Hockey Riots. I just tuned into CBC news out of Athens and heard about their taking-it-t0-the-streets events: a 48-hour general strike against severe austerity measures that might cripple the country. Deputy Prime Minister Theodoros Pangalos criticized … Continue reading

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Stop the Killing

There was a woman in black sweeping leaves on the sidewalk in front of her house this morning as I walked home from the gym and pondered today’s post. I slipped by just as the leaves swept up and splashed … Continue reading

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