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JFK is a good angle

Seems that some words just know how to trip us up. Camouflage, for instance,┬áleaves me badly bruised. I keep having to pick myself off the ground, breathe deeply, and try to spell it again. But rotten spelling isn’t the only … Continue reading

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Tomato Man Defies the Skies

I’m writing an obituary about an Ottawa man who handed Princess Elizabeth a shovel. Later, when she became Queen, he handed her another one. Sometime between these two visits he grabbed another shovel and this time gave it to President … Continue reading

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Toast to the Mothers of Ottawa

The obituary I wrote on Dr. Stanley Mercer appears in today’s Globe and Mail. I hope you get a chance to read it–best, for me, if you could actually plunk a coin into the box or hand it over to … Continue reading

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