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Voices of the “untongued dead”

I recently came across an essay by Matthew Skelton, a teacher of book history in Mainz, Germany. He describes sorting through a collection of old books and papers left by an obscure librarian named Elma Mitchell after her death in … Continue reading

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By the River, a poem

Walking memories by the river We dream for our children resurrect the ugliest visions a rock to dangle over sharp waters drag a body from the river, hotly awaken. Once a small girl strolls along the Humber with her grandfather … Continue reading

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You Catch My Breath

Bit by bit, I’m manufacturing a volume of poems tentatively titled You Catch My Breath.  The poems are a series of flashpoints from a rambler’s perspective, out and about, solitary and speculative, witnessing Toronto from a poet’s puzzled, curious, engaged, and entertained … Continue reading

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Angelica Garnett

I got bumped by Virginia Woolf’s niece this morning. Fetched the newspaper and carted it up to bed with my coffee. Opened up the obituaries page, expecting to see my piece on Canadian Aboriginal activist Lillian McGregor, but instead discovered … Continue reading

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Summer reading

Summer reading and Hemingway’s suicide. I’ve set myself the task of doing nothing but turning pages, in my garden, of The Sun Also Rises during the evening as the sun also sets in Toronto. A glass of chilled pinot gris in … Continue reading

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Dead Walking

Walking Alive, I was. South along Jones Avenue toward Lake Ontario when a bus passed by with these words emblazoned in three-foot text above the wheels: Walking Dead. Some movie, I guessed, maybe a Christmas flick but I knew nothing … Continue reading

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Death in Venice, again

It pulled me toward it and so I reached. I was at the public library doing my usual browsing. I never get over the fact that all these books are available, at no cost, any day of the week. And even … Continue reading

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