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Au Revoir, Montreal

Finally, a Toronto poem because my writing retreat ends today and I’ll board the VIA train tomorrow morning. Back to my home in Toronto’s Film District. Thanks for reading my little words y’all.  Making movies CBC radio urges donations. I … Continue reading

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A bit about being alive

Moments Pressed to pleasure, when did hedonism get such a bad rap? There are shades to selfish, some less brutal than generosity. The taste of bittersweet chocolate on the tongue heat beneath the bed sheets in February. There’s the thrill … Continue reading

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Exercise and obits

I am wet. Wet through, as my mother would put it. Slicked down by the rain with tufts of hair poking up through my bicycle helmet like a forest of pine trees. I see it reflected in the glass at this coffee … Continue reading

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Gratitude at 3 a.m.

She had been knocked off her bike, stuck by a car, and rushed to emergency. I got to St. Mike’s Hospital just behind the ambulance. “Is she alive?” I screamed. And then I woke up. Telling dreams don’t work unless you’re … Continue reading

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