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Virginia and Roger

I have lost friends, some by death… others through sheer inability to cross the street. In this madly slap-dash way we’re living, with twisted wires limply cascading from our ears and the steady thrum of recorded voice pressing against our … Continue reading

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“I think of Susanna Moodie’s grave”

PART FOUR: MONUMENTAL WOMEN In a press release about The Famous Five put out by the National Council of Women of Canada, there is a statement about how little women’s history is taught in our schools and that The Famous … Continue reading

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Poetry dust up.

At what age did I abandon poetry? I know why but not sure when. Why was to earn a living and that meant giving up the treasured moments I once enjoyed while inside verse, either my own little words or … Continue reading

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Introducing Mona Gould

She interviewed Louis Armstrong, Irving Layton, and Eleanor Roosevelt. She held a mic toward the Andrew Sisters in the entrance to Honest Ed’s department store in Toronto. Later, on a visit to England, she discussed sculpture with Henry Moore. Mona … Continue reading

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Don’t give up the fight

Yesterday I bought a new pair of walking shoes. Mephisto wedges. Magenta red and adding half an inch on my 5’2″ 115 pound frame. Retailing for something like $350 but with a 40 percent discount. A trendy new look and ingenious … Continue reading

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Call yourself alive?

The irony doesn’t escape me. At the Joy Cafe this morning, I was studying death notices hoping to home in on a new obituary assignment. Beside me on the desk, where I generally land a true-to-life, page-turnable book all loaded … Continue reading

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