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Virginia and Roger

I have lost friends, some by death… others through sheer inability to cross the street. In this madly slap-dash way we’re living, with twisted wires limply cascading from our ears and the steady thrum of recorded voice pressing against our … Continue reading

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Madeleine Parent and me

Madeleine Parent worked down the hall from me at the Confederation of Canadian Union (CCU) office in Toronto. It was 1981. I was 22 and Madeleine was 63. I was as intimidated by her as I was of everyone else … Continue reading

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Introducing Mona Gould

She interviewed Louis Armstrong, Irving Layton, and Eleanor Roosevelt. She held a mic toward the Andrew Sisters in the entrance to Honest Ed’s department store in Toronto. Later, on a visit to England, she discussed sculpture with Henry Moore. Mona … Continue reading

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Renegade lives

Dionysus, the Greek God of wine, is the protector of those who don’t belong to conventional society. He symbolizes danger, chaos, unpredictability–everything that escapes human reason and can only be attributed to the unforeseeable action of the gods. In the … Continue reading

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Tomato Man Defies the Skies

I’m writing an obituary about an Ottawa man who handed Princess Elizabeth a shovel. Later, when she became Queen, he handed her another one. Sometime between these two visits he grabbed another shovel and this time gave it to President … Continue reading

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Formica and fallen petals

She was cleaning. There’s always that to do. After a funeral. She found his old silk vest at the top of the closet and lifted it down, calling for her daughter to come, come look, unrolling it carefully, “like something live … Continue reading

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Expressions of Life–look at their faces!

  One man is a cop and the other is a doctor. The scene: a tangled, ramshackle, pressed down Manhattan brownstone circa 1950, standing unsteady beneath memories and slated for demolition. The men are brothers reconnecting for the first time in several … Continue reading

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