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Virginia and Roger

I have lost friends, some by death… others through sheer inability to cross the street. In this madly slap-dash way we’re living, with twisted wires limply cascading from our ears and the steady thrum of recorded voice pressing against our … Continue reading

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Suffragette cut-out dolls and pink triangles

PART THREE: MONUMENTAL WOMEN In 1980, Seneca Falls dedicated a significant portion of its space as a Women’s Rights National Historical Park. Rangers met us at the visitor’s centre, led us through the displays and handed us tour schedules to … Continue reading

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George Clooney steadied my step

Kind of a rough day, the one before the last one, so I fled to the cinema. It’s often like this. Not anything overwhelmingly terrible about the day, oh no not that, but I craved the chance to slide over … Continue reading

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Giuseppe Penone: The Hidden Life Within

One day, about ten years ago, Italian sculptor Giuseppe Penone went shopping. He came home with a 11,000 pound Lebanese cedar tree, one of thousands that had fallen during a wicked wind storm behind the Palace of Versailles. He took … Continue reading

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Emily’s crosses

A woman I know went into the night three nights ago. She slept near the heat of a sewer and breathed the hours till dawn. A bit later, at St. Patrick’s, watery hotcakes were slapped onto a plate and slid beneath … Continue reading

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Tiny kernels of narrative

Years ago I  belonged  to a small writing group, and the leader of our group,  a woman called Gwen Reidman, advised us to read obituaries because they carry, like genes packed tight in their separate chromosomes, tiny kernels of narrative. … Continue reading

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Kathleen Munn – artist

I went to work this morning and discovered I was locked out. Seems the XXX is taking a long, long weekend but someone forgot to tell me. I work in their office once in a while, when my wonderful employer, Our … Continue reading

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