Retreat in verse

Hello followers, lurkers, those curious about my curious slant on life and death. I have a request: while I am retreating here in Montreal, in the lovely Mile End neighbourhood and beside a nunnery, I am finally completing a first poetry manuscript. I’d like to feel less alone by sharing a poem a day with you. That will be seven poems. Back home in Toronto, my sweet Heather prepares to create a splendid chapbook…thanks for retreating here with me and here is your Thursday poem.

Softly drawn

Undress feeling

intellect is a crippled thing

useless at disguises


roll back the sleeves to battle

wicked slice through consciousness

she recoils, always these reminders of war

crash down drive deep remove

what bits remain alive.


A figure emerges softly drawn

her breath on the looking-glass.


Calm eerily trembles as she

holds somber and steady a wave

motions further into life

her child races the wind whirls

past sharp dangers gathered

toward arms learning to love.


About Nor

I'm a creative non-fiction writer, with a special interest in memoirs and obituaries--life stories, local histories with flesh & blood anecdotal details. I'm also beginning to create podcasts of people's stories and expanding their audiences. I'm a diarist, an editor, and a political activist. I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and spend days tapping keys or staining my fingers in ink.
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One Response to Retreat in verse

  1. Sheila Stewart says:

    Thank you, Noreen! All the best with your retreat. I love the Poem-a-Day.

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