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A more hopeful tomorrow

PART FIVE: CONCLUSION OF MONUMENTAL WOMEN Finally, one day, I received a welcome response to my inquiries: a nice, tight break down of names, sites, plaques, and reasons for designation. According to this list, there are approximately 150 historical markers … Continue reading

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“I think of Susanna Moodie’s grave”

PART FOUR: MONUMENTAL WOMEN In a press release about The Famous Five put out by the National Council of Women of Canada, there is a statement about how little women’s history is taught in our schools and that The Famous … Continue reading

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Suffragette cut-out dolls and pink triangles

PART THREE: MONUMENTAL WOMEN In 1980, Seneca Falls dedicated a significant portion of its space as a Women’s Rights National Historical Park. Rangers met us at the visitor’s centre, led us through the displays and handed us tour schedules to … Continue reading

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Not-so-hidden Agenda

PART TWO: MONUMENTAL WOMEN One of my not-so-hidden agendas at the Globe and Mail is to tell more about the accomplishments of Canadian women, and to scatter the words “feminist,” “lesbian” and “activist” into the copy as often as possible. … Continue reading

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Monumental Women

To celebrate International Women’s Day, I’m unearthing a story I wrote five years ago and stretching it to fill a few blog posts. Because I want to stretch the celebration of the day. I published this  essay in Herizons, a … Continue reading

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The nameless ship that came after the Titanic

Assignment envy, that’s what I’ll call it. My colleague, Nora Ryell, is writing an obituary about a life I want to tell. Here are the highlights: Gladys O’Connor died in Toronto on February 25th at age 108. Gladys and her family sailed to … Continue reading

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