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Kathleen Munn – artist

I went to work this morning and discovered I was locked out. Seems the XXX is taking a long, long weekend but someone forgot to tell me. I work in their office once in a while, when my wonderful employer, Our … Continue reading

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Keeping it classy out west

About last week’s Vancouver Hockey Riots. I just tuned into CBC news out of Athens and heard about their taking-it-t0-the-streets events: a 48-hour general strike against severe austerity measures that might cripple the country. Deputy Prime Minister Theodoros Pangalos criticized … Continue reading

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bin Laden obituaries

Osama bin Laden’s death led to controversy in newspaper obituary departments, according to an article in the Columbia Journalism Review entitled “A Tight Deadline, 4,000 Words, Then Ten Years of Waiting.” In some cases, 10-year-old obits were dusted off with … Continue reading

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No Death in May

Hard, so hard to write about death when rebirth surrounds me. “The Death of the Blog,” might be an apt title for this newest posting, noting my wordless presence during these past few weeks. But today is overcast and the … Continue reading

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