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Painful interviews

Yesterday I conducted two interviews. One was with a daughter about her recently deceased father. The other was with a mother about her recently deceased daughter. The first person died well into his eighties. The second person died in her … Continue reading

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Society of Professional Obituary Writers

Here’s the thing: I’m tempted to attend the obituary writer’s conference in St. Petersburg, Florida, in May. Back and forthing about it all the time about it in fact. But I am becoming unbearably irritated by tombstone humour and the … Continue reading

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Mickey Mouse and Blistered Ears

Dennis Johnson, Albertan editor extraordinaire, was in today’s paper but he was bumped to the bottom of the page. More room was needed on top for Mickey Mouse. Mickey hadn’t died but the cartoonist who drew him had. Bill Justice, … Continue reading

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Dennis Johnson and Red Deer Press

Right now I’m blogging as an impetus to inspire me toward something more challenging. Blogging brings me into a circle of friends somehow, however illusory, and so I relax my prose just a little. It limbers me up but there’s … Continue reading

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Bodgers: new lessons on an old art form

In this day of blogging–oh the pressures of it all!–it’s refreshing to spend time in the woods with the bodgers. I first heard about these folks while I was researching an obituary on Mike Myers, a “Renaissance man [who] went … Continue reading

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